Admin PLZ READ THIS...Applying for a staff

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Admin PLZ READ THIS...Applying for a staff

Post by WillDoesMCPE on Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:38 pm

Age: 15
Requested Rank: Admin
Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone (EST)
Continent Your Living On: North America
Email: As me on Kik because it doesn't let me put it hear
KiK (Must Have a KiK): william_stoyan
Why Do you want to apply for staff? (Be descriptive): I started a youtube channel about 1 month ago and i would like to do a series on your server but i also want to help you with your server because I think it would be really fun
Would you donate?: yes
What have you done you think its outstanding to the community?: I do tutorials on my channel to help people if they have a problem with there Minecraft pocket edition. I also told people how to vote and do things on your server.
Do you Admin/Moderate/Own on any servers?: I am an owner and an admin of a private PocketMine-MP server
How long have you been playing on I'm not sure but i think like a few weeks but i played on a different account and i made my account WillDoesMCPE like a 1 day ago.

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